If you are an end user wanting to purchase a dispenser for your restroom BulkTP recommends Amazon for any brand or model of JRT dispenser. You are not going to find a better deal as an end user. If you are a reseller or wholesaler BulkTP recommends Von Drehle brand dispensers. They are by far the most reliable and sturdy.

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The best deals on jumbo roll tissue

Again, for most end users, BulkTP recommends you just get your JRT's off Amazon. Why? Unless you are buying pallets of jumbo roll tissue, Amazon is by far the cheapest place to get them in the market.

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BulkTP Brand Jumbo Roll Tissue

Made in the USA

100% Recycled

BulKTP is the only wholesaler on the internet to publish our delivered price.

Shipping is fast and free!

We us R&L, SEFL, SAIA, Old Dominion, and numerous other LTL freight haulers to get you the inventory when you need it.

Dispenser Programs

We proudly offer 1 Von Drehle JRT Dispenser for free with every JRT pallet purchased.

We provide actual service to our customers.

It is a common occurence to see one of the owners of BulkTP driving paper to a customer who needs it next or same day. We take on the burden of making sure that supply is maintained.

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Are you an industrial end user that would like a quote? Give us a call at our NC home office and see if we can save you some money on your toilet paper.